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16 recommendations
  • BSB50215
    Diploma of Business
  • BSB50615
    Diploma of Human Resources Management
  • BSB51107
    Diploma of Management
  • BSB50815
    Diploma of International Business
  • TLI30107
    Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Warehousing and Storage)
  • and more...
My name is Kylie. I have been working in business for most of my life, I started in banking, moved to retail, then onto transport and logistics and finally into education. I have run 3 successful smal...
13 recommendations
  • CHC43415
    Certificate IV in Leisure and Health
  • CHC33015
    Certificate III in Individual Support
I am currently working in the Aged Care sector with 13 years experience in personal care and Leisure and Health. I am a mature person who considers myself to be hardworking, trustworthy, empathetic, ...
4 recommendations
  • ICT10115
    Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • CUA60415
    Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development
  • CUA20215
    Certificate II in Creative Industries
  • ICT20115
    Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • ICT30115
    Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • and more...
With over 30 years experience in the video production, media and entertainment industry I bring to the role the benefits of recent real world experience at all levels of media production, broadcast an...
Sylvia (Argyro)   
3 recommendations
  • BSB51918
    Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • TAEASS502
  • TAELLN411
  • BSB41415
  • BSB31115
  • and more...
I, Argyro (Sylvia) Dionisopoulos have a Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development, Diploma of Business(Frontline Management), Diploma of Training and Assessment systems, Certificate IV in Work Healt...
3 recommendations
  • MST60116
    Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising
  • MST20616
    Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology
  • MST30816
    Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design and Technology
  • MST40516
    Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising
  • MST50116
    Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising
  • and more...
PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Design: Tailoring learning modules to suit employee induction training and Modules to meet accreditation standards (IE: OH&S, DEEWR policies and Industry Skills Council. Presentat...
3 recommendations
  • 22229VIC
    Engineering Mechatronics
  • UET50212
    Diploma of ESI - Power Systems
  • UEE50711
    Diploma of Renewable Energy Engineering
  • 21622VICMM
    Advanced Diploma Engineering Technology
  • LANG
    German native speaker
  • and more...
Hello; in my past I have been an instructor in adult training, going to industry exhibitions as international sales rep and a travelling maintenance fitter. These are some of my professional highlight...
3 recommendations
  • SIR30412
    Certificate III in Business to Business Sales
  • CHC30208
    Certificate III in Aged Care
Hi, I have spent 40 years working for large multinational companies as a sales representative, sales manager, sales executive, national sales manager, state manager and customer service manager. I ha...
3 recommendations
  • HLTAID001
    Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • HLTAID003
    Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID004
    Provide and emergency First aid response in an education and care setting
With 30 years experience in the Health care and Training industries, I bring a passion for training, combined with a wealth of experience. Understand how to optimise the experience for the learner as ...
2 recommendations
  • BSB42015
    Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • BSB51915
    Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • SIT40416
    Certificate IV in Hospitality
Hi, I'm Amos. For the last 15 years I have been honing my skills as a trainer, facilitator, leader and human in a diverse range of industries to really get the best both from, and for the people I w...
2 recommendations
  • CHC50113
    Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • CHC30113
    Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
Hi I have been training Dip of ECEC for 5 years I passionate in helping people to develop all necessary skills and knowledge needed in the children's services industry , I believe in actively engagi...
2 recommendations
  • CHC33015
    Certificate III in Individual Support
Highly experienced teacher, trainer, with a deep understanding of work place training and assessment, currently working as Trainer and Assessor for certificate III course in Individual Support at a ...
2 recommendations
  • CHC42015
    Certificate IV in Community Services
  • CHC40513
    Certificate IV in Youth Justice
  • TAE40116
    Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
I have a career background in youth work, mentoring and coaching. My ten years working at Parkville Youth Justice Precinct provided me with experience and expertise working with young people, particul...
2 recommendations
  • BSB51107
    Diploma of Management
  • BSB50607
    Diploma HR
  • BSB30807
    Certificate 111 Business
  • SIR20207
    Cert 11 Retail
  • SIR30207
    Cert 111 Retail
  • and more...
My name is Jennifer and I specialize in helping people reach their full potential. With over 20 years in the Retail Industry and, backed up with my qualifications, my training style is practical and e...
2 recommendations
  • BSB60215
    Advanced Diploma of Business
  • BSB50215
    Diploma of Business
  • BSB61015
    Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • BSB51415
    Diploma of Project Management
  • LMT50407
    Diploma of Textile Technology and Production Management
  • and more...
I have worked within the Training & Assessor Arena for some 8 years as a consultant to Businesses as well as a VET trainer having trained in various sectors and subject matter from Food - Patties Food...
2 recommendations
  • BSB51107
    Diploma of Management
  • BSB50207
    Diploma of Business
  • BSB40812
    Certificate IV in Frontline Management
  • TAE40110
    Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • BSB41412
    Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
I am a results orientated, self-motivated training professional with extensive experience in training and management in the VET sector, retail sphere and private enterprise. A keen and engaging facil...
1 recommendation
  • TAE40110
    Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • CHC51015
    Diploma of Counselling
Curriculum Developer/Writer, Rectification work, Validation Reports.
1 recommendation
  • BSB10115
    Certificate I in Business
  • BSB20115
    Certificate II in Business
  • BSB30115
    Certificate III in Business
  • BSB30415
    Certificate III in Business Administration
  • BSB40515
    Certificate IV in Business Administration
I hold a current qualification in Training and Assessment Cert IV and a diploma in Business Management. I have industry experience in both business management and business administration and am curren...
1 recommendation
  • SIB20210
    Certificate II in Nail Technology
  • SIB30110
    Certificate III in Beauty Services
  • SIB50110
    Diploma of Beauty Therapy
  • SHB50115
    Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Located in Melbourne Northern suburbs, I possess years of progressive experience in the beauty industry field teaching beauty therapy qualifications face to face and online, in accordance to the Austr...
1 recommendation
  • CHC30113
    Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • CHC50113
    Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
Trainer and Assessor/Lead Trainer seeking full-time employment My attributes: -Mentoring and assisting Trainers in Early Childhood Education and Care -Training and Assessing -Implementing the Emer...
1 recommendation
  • SIT31312
    Certificate III in Travel
  • TAE40110
    Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • HLT51407
    Diploma of Aromatherapy
Facilitating learning is one of my great joys and I attain this by setting up positive while relaxed group dynamic at the start. This ensures that the learning process is maximised Sessions integrate...
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