PD & Trainer File Manager

Imagine being able to store, update, receive alerts and share your audit compliant PD & Currency from one, secure, 100% FREE place forever?

Reduce your admin and make yourself more employable now!

How it works

Our easy to use, audit compliant PD Log template allows you to update & keep all your PD &Currency in one, secure place forever. It's 100% FREE to use and it's yours to own forever even if you’ve been invited to join by an employer. You can always share (or unshare) with employers and allow them to help you manage your PD.

With PD & Trainer File Manager you can:

Add any PD courses you’ve attended
Search & directly add courses from our PD Shop or in-house courses if available
Choose to securely share with your employer & enable them to add their PD requirements to your PD Log
Receive automatic reminder alerts to keep your PD Log up to date
Keep your Currency up to date
Update and store all your PD in one place forever!
Managing your PD has never been easier!
Save yourself time and make yourself more employable by having these documents always ready to go!
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