Your cloud based Professional Development & Trainer File Management Solution!

Save time. Easily track and manage your team’s PD and Trainer Files. Always be audit ready!
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Are you experiencing these problems managing your team’s Professional Development?

Audit compliance
Chasing trainers
Different formats
Not regularly updated
Paper based files
Not centralised. Hard to access

We have the solution!

All in one place 24/7 access
Shared Standard online template
Reminder alerts
Trainer File Upload & storage
Online PD & Currency Log
Add your own In-House PD
Add to PD files directly from PD Shop
All activity automatically recorded
Download & print off PD & Currency Log
No more chasing after trainers
We provide a cloud-based Professional Development & Trainer File management solution!

How it works

Invite staff

Full time or contract – to join and quickly and easily set up their PD Log & Currency files in our audit compliant PD Log template

Add trainer/ staff files to your private & secure Trainer File Folder

Work collaboratively with your staff and always know when changes are made or if you have active PD Logs that require updating.

Allows both of you to record, add to, manage and store planned and completed PD activities and Currency. We’ll alert you when changes are made in active PD Logs and we also send email alerts to your staff to keep their PD Logs up to date so you don’t have to!

Add your own in-house courses, external courses or search and add courses through our PD Shop service

Print off a PD Log record or Trainer File any time and always be audit ready!

Video Tutorials

Learn more about how it works

View Video Tutorials


PD & Trainer File Management Service

3 months
for up to 30 members
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12 months
for up to 30 members
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Manage your team’s professional development with PD & Trainer File Manager
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