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Media Literacy For Teen Girls
Helen Roe International
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ACT TQI accredited PD online program.
Marketing & Social Media
Online Training
$249 including GST
An online workshop, delivering insights, skills and strategies to help teachers support teen girls to successfully navigate their media-marketing world. A combination of latest research and trends, backed with relevant industry experience, this TQI Accredited Training takes a fresh look at how to best navigate the online ‘always connected’ world of our teen girls. This TQI Accredited PD will provide teachers with: :: Completion of the 5 hours required accredited TQI PD. :: Tools and techniques to promote student resilience and positive social behavior towards media marketing. :: Resources to manage the current challenges media creates for girls self-esteem, helping build their critical thinking and confidence. :: Insights to help build students emotional intelligence competencies and manage the impact of negative media messages effectively. :: A renewed sense of purpose and understanding for educators on how teen girls can not just survive, but thrive in their media world.
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